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01 May 2013 @ 01:15 pm
Please do not delete this community. Thanks.
01 May 2013 @ 12:23 pm
This game is closed.

Three years had passed since her return to Norway, the second worst day of her life which had transcended into a greater horror. Reality was the most frightening tapestry of all, a blank canvas by which any madman's thoughts could be painted with the smallest or largest of brushes, the lightest or heaviest of strokes. No limitations existed, only the furthest reaches of an imagination twisted by war and stained by bloodshed. The genocide of an entire race had rested on his fingertips, and he had smeared the agony across the skies with little to no effort. As if he had been born, created for that very thing - and perhaps he had. It could have been the reason he was brought into existence, and she could have been meant as the means to alter that devastating image of the future into something less frightening. The roles were set and yet meant to be shifted, molded into whatever fate ordained.

Rose had watched his change, the way his eyes had hardened and the smile at the corners of his lips dissolve into a barely intelligible line. He had done what he could to hide it from her at first, through a barely tied together veil of humanity which he had pulled over his head for her sake. But there was no denying or contending with the nature of a being, whether human or alien. Regardless of what colour blood coursed through the veins, the blood was still born with the being and it would always be within.

He - John - had stopped falling asleep beside her at night, taken to his restless and unrelenting pacing back and forth before the large picture window in her flat. Sometimes he would draw back the curtains and watch the sun rise, the glow bathing his face in a reddish shade that reached the corners of his eyes. Before it had been nothing more than a trick of the light and then it became a foreshadowing of things to come.

John had gone mad, and Rose had been able to do nothing but watch. And watch she had, as he destroyed the city a piece at a time, causing her to send her own family as far away as they could get with no hope of seeing them again. There had been no choice, for he was going mad and it was her responsibility to save him.

That's me, when we first met.

You made me better.

And she had tried. Torn her heart into pieces again and again with the hope one heartbreaking sob, one desperate plea might be enough to bring him away from the mindset of madness, of devastating chaos. Rose had stood with him on the edge of an impossible precipice and done nothing but ask him to stop, reached for his hand when he would not take hers and promised him things would be better - so much better - if only he would take a step back, look at the world the way that it could be.

He had looked at her then and smiled, the kind that filled the nightmares of children and adults, and said he would take the step back, oh, of course he would - and she would take it with him. Because if death was all that was left for him, he would take her with him and forget the consequences into oblivion.

Rose had died that day.

The next night she had opened her eyes on the ruined pavement of Cardiff's streets. Fallen electrical lines crackled their angry chorus in the blackened night sky, and to anyone else's passing gaze the spectacle might have looked like firecrackers. Her blood had stained the ground and her head was hurting with an impossible throbbing that wouldn't go away. When Rose moved her fingers they ached impossibly and it took a few moments to be able to make a fist again.

That was when she realized she had died.

Three days passed before Rose was able to find the means to break through the rift. Six months ago she had begun working on the manipulator that had enabled her to cross, enhancing its capabilities and strength to make the trip. Never mind it would cause damage she wouldn't be able to see, or that there might well be no way back. Here, there was nothing left for her to come back to.

With the weapon at her side, Rose closed her eyes and pressed the trigger.

Moments later, she was standing atop a skyscraper's roof, with a nighttime city scape stretching below her.